“Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram Birthday Message for Lisa Kudrow Warms Hearts”

Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to wish her dear friend Lisa Kudrow a happy 60th birthday. Aniston’s heartfelt post included throwback photos of the two actresses, as well as some of their “Friends” co-stars, spanning over the years. She praised Kudrow’s talent and friendship, calling her one of the most gifted comedians and actors she has had the privilege of collaborating with. Kudrow was deeply moved by Aniston’s message, and their bond remains unbreakable after nearly three decades.

Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston

On Instagram, Aniston and Kudrow, who were once co-stars on the hit TV show “Friends,” expressed their affection for each other. Aniston commented on Kudrow’s post, addressing her as “My Joost Joost Joost” and professing her eternal friendship for her. In June, Courteney Cox, another co-star from “Friends,” also celebrated Kudrow’s birthday by sharing a post on Instagram. Drew Weissholtz, a TODAY Digital reporter, is passionate about pop culture and has a soft spot for shows like “Saved by the Bell” and “The Karate Kid.” He is married and has two kids who find his antics amusing.

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