“Miley Cyrus Glows in Glistening Metal Gown, Snacking on Apple and Channeling Courtney Love’s Classic ‘Doll Parts'”

Often grabbing the attention of her 116 million Instagram fans, Miley Cyrus flaunted a captivating appearance in her latest post. The 27-year-old pop star was photographed in a colorful, well-fitted dress, joyfully licking an apple while lounging on a luxurious sofa. The combination of playful and regal vibes created an enchanting overall look.

Showstopper: Miley Cyrus offered up a show stopping display in a post on Tuesday, as she donned a bright structured gown she posted on Instagram (pictured June 2019)

Miley Cyrus made a splash on Instagram this week with her show-stopping post, wowing fans in a bold and vibrant gown. The singer and former Disney star struck a fierce pose in a structured dress adorned with eye-catching yellow and pink shades, featuring dramatic puffy ruffles at the waist and legs. With her arms and legs elegantly posed, Miley confidently showed off her signature mullet hairstyle in blonde. The metallic gown had a mermaid silhouette peeking through the striking ruffles, complemented by pink gloves and an assortment of dazzling diamond accessories such as cuff bracelets, oversized hoops, and rings.

Lyrics: 'I want to be the girl with the most cake,' she wrote in the caption from Courtney Love's band Holes' song Doll Parts. 'I love him so much it just turns to hate. I fake it so real, I am beyond fake'

In her most recent social media update, Miley Cyrus shared lyrics from Hole’s song Doll Parts by Courtney Love, where she expressed her aspiration to be the girl who has it all. She added a hint of allure by sending a kiss to the camera, flaunting her cleavage, and striking a confident pose with her back turned. The singer radiated self-assurance as she celebrated the achievement of her latest hit single, Midnight Sky.

Success: Miley originally posted portrait-style photos from the shoot in the same outfit, earlier in the day Monday as she celebrated the success of her latest single Midnight Sky (pictured September 2019)

Update: On Monday, Miley posted a series of portrait photos from a previous shoot, showcasing her outfit while basking in the success of her latest single, Midnight Sky. These photos were captured in September 2019.

Thank you: 'Midnight Sky is on her 6th week #1 at UK radio,' she wrote. 'Broke the record for most weeks at the top in 2020.' Adding: 'Thank YOU so much for all the love you show me and my art! It¿s my honor makin music for you'

She joyfully announced that “Midnight Sky” has maintained its position at the top of the UK radio charts for an impressive six weeks in a row, setting a new record for the most weeks at #1 in 2020. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to her fans for their overwhelming love and support, emphasizing how much of an honor it is for her to create music for them.

In a playful moment captured in a photo, she can be seen with her eyes closed, mouth wide open, and tongue out. Later, she relaxed on a luxurious pink couch shaped like a sea shell, enjoying an apple with her eyes shut in contentment.

Sober: She revealed to Variety earlier this summer that she had gone completely sober after having major vocal surgery in November

Following a significant vocal procedure in November, Miley Cyrus revealed to Variety that she opted to give up alcohol entirely. In a fun moment during a vintage-themed photo session, she tried to take off her pink glove using just her teeth. The photoshoot showcased Miley in stylish office attire, relaxing in a brightly colored chair in a see-through purple outfit. In another image, she sat in a shiny silver chair in a black ‘power suit,’ cheekily poking her tongue out to encourage followers to vote. The period of lockdown gave Miley the chance to reflect on her life and use her recent challenges as inspiration for creating fresh music.

Inspo: Cyrus ¿ who divorced Liam Hemsworth earlier this year ¿ told The Graham Norton Show: 'It gave me time to write and reflect ¿ normally I write about what is happening, but I started writing about what had happened ¿ it was a very reflective period' (pictured April 2019)

During her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Miley Cyrus opened up about how her divorce from Liam Hemsworth sparked a creative and introspective phase in her life. While she typically writes about topical issues, this time she found herself delving into her own personal journey and emotions following the breakup.

In another interview, Cyrus likened the end of her relationship with Hemsworth to a form of grief, describing the pain and difficulty she faced in accepting the loss of a love that had lasted for more than ten years. She shared how the experience felt like a death in some ways, with the added challenge of having to navigate life while the person she once loved was still physically present.

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