Miley Cyrus Rocks Fashionable Ensemble as She Steps Out of NYC Hotel with Cody Simpson Following NYFW Showcase

Miley Cyrus surprised everyone by strutting down the catwalk at Michael Kors’ NYFW show, wowing onlookers with her captivating runway presence. The following morning, she confidently stepped out of the Bowery Hotel in New York, flaunting her fit physique in a chic crop top sweater, joined by her beau, Cody Simpson. The couple’s fashionable exit from the trendy Lower Manhattan hotel drew attention and showcased their unique sense of style.

Bold: Miley Cyrus seemed to be riding high on her model status as she left the trendy Bowery Hotel in New York on Thursday morning

Miley Cyrus was absolutely stunning as she stepped out of the trendy Bowery Hotel in New York on a Thursday morning. She looked confident and stylish in a black sweater with adorable white stripes. Completing her laid-back yet chic look, the Wrecking Ball singer wore a pair of low-rise Louis Vuitton jeans, featuring the brand’s signature monogram in white print running down her legs. With fashionable black boots and a classy patent leather bag, Miley effortlessly embodied a cool and put-together vibe.

City slickers: The 27-year-old singer flaunted her washboard abs in a cut-off sweater and was joined by boyfriend Cody Simpson as they left the celebrity-favorite haunt in Manhattan

City dwellers: The 27-year-old singer flaunted her toned midsection in a short sweater as she and her boyfriend Cody Simpson left the trendy celebrity hangout in Manhattan.

A look! Miley was feeling her fantastic figure as she left the hotel wearing a black sweater with small white stripes running horizontally across her chest

Fashion forward: The Wrecking Ball singer wore a pair of low-rise Louis Vuitton jeans with the brand's signature monogram plastered across her legs in white ink

Take a look at this! Miley was showing off her amazing body when she walked out of the hotel wearing a chic black sweater with subtle white stripes going across the front. She protected her eyes from the sun with oversized sunglasses and had her hair styled in two pigtail braids, giving a good view of her platinum blonde hair. Cody, in contrast, went for a more casual vibe, wearing a hoodie and blue Lululemon shorts. He strolled in comfy Vans sneakers, holding an overnight bag like he was in charge of all the luggage.

Comfy: Cody was dressed even more casually than his leading lady as he stepped out in a hooded sweatshirt and blue Lululemon shorts

Informal: Cody was keeping it cool and comfy next to his co-star, with a chill vibe in a cozy hoodie and some Lululemon shorts in a laid-back shade of blue.

How nice: He pounded the pavement in classic Vans trainers and seemed to be on luggage duty as he carried an overnight bag in one hand

How awesome is this: He walked casually down the street in classic Vans sneakers, looking stylish as he carried some luggage effortlessly with an overnight bag in one hand.

The former star of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, turned heads when she confidently took to the runway at Michael Kors’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection show. Sporting a chic black bra top and satin elbow-length gloves, Cyrus added an edgy touch by draping a bold black-and-white zebra striped coat casually over her arm. Standing out among top models like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber, Cyrus made a lasting impression at the fashion event.

Model behavior: The former Hannah Montana star surprised a few fans as she stormed the runway on Wednesday night wearing a black bra top for Kors' Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

In a surprising move, the former Hannah Montana star amazed her followers by confidently walking down the runway in a sleek black bra top during Kors’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection event on Wednesday evening.

Behind the scenes: Miley took to Instagram the day after her runway debut to share some intimate snapshots from her fittings with Marc Jacobs as well as her backstage antics

Following her successful runway debut, Miley treated her fans to an exclusive glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes by sharing some personal photos on Instagram. From fittings with Marc Jacobs to candid moments backstage, she gave her followers a fun peek into the world of high fashion.

Red hot: Cyrus posed in a pair of flaming hot red leather pants just before hitting up Park Avenue in New York

Heating things up: Cyrus was seen looking fabulous in a stunning pair of red leather pants as she casually strolled along Park Avenue in New York City.

Following her runway appearance at New York Fashion Week, Cyrus eagerly shared a series of candid photos on her Instagram. These exclusive snapshots, taken by her personal photographer Vijat M, featured a mix of her bold red patent leather streetwear and special moments with fellow models backstage at the Marc Jacobs show.

One particular highlight from the photo collection showed Miley being fitted by Marc Jacobs himself, as she tried on one of his eye-catching black and white striped coats. The behind-the-scenes glimpse offered fans a rare and intimate look at Cyrus’ high-fashion experience during the iconic event.

All in the details: One shot showed Miley recieving the finishing touches on her hair, makeup, and accessories just before she was scheduled to march herself down the Marc Jacobs runway

In that defining moment, every tiny element was crucial: a candid shot portrayed Miley putting the final touches on her hair, makeup, and jewelry before confidently walking the catwalk for Marc Jacobs.

Miley and Marc: Miley pictured with Marc Jacobs hours before she was set to model the designer's Fall/Winter 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week

Miley and Marc: Miley grabbed a quick pic with Marc Jacobs before hitting the catwalk in his newest Fall/Winter 2020 line at New York Fashion Week.

Perfect fit: Before trekking down his runway, Miley met with fashion designer Marc Jacobs to perfect her outfit's fit just before the big show

Perfect fit: Before trekking down his runway, Miley met with fashion designer Marc Jacobs to perfect her outfit's fit just before the big show

Perfect match: Before taking her graceful strides on the catwalk, Miley sought advice from the esteemed fashion expert Marc Jacobs to make sure her outfit was perfect for the big occasion. When she removed her coat, the crowd was mesmerized by her memorable debut on the runway, flaunting stylish black low-cut pants paired with a bold and daringly small bra. Donning glossy leather pants, the singer exuded self-assurance as she struck poses in front of a fire hose. Following her split from Liam Hemsworth last year, Miley and her ex officially ended their marriage with a finalized divorce in December.

Cheeky: Cyrus flashed her toned behind at the camera as she modeled her rockstar-approved lace up pants

Sporting a mischievous smile, Cyrus confidently flaunted her well-defined backside in front of the camera, rocking a pair of trendy lace-up pants that exuded a rockstar vibe.

Putting out the fire: Miley utilized some firehouse props while in her red patent leather pants

Putting out the fire: Miley utilized some firehouse props while in her red patent leather pants

Dousing the fire: Miley spiced up her look by pairing red patent leather pants with firehouse-inspired accessories for a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Big reveal: For Miley's look, she would start off down the runway in a unique, oversize black and white coat before stripping it off to reveal her skimpy black ensemble

Big shock: To start her runway debut, Miley surprised everyone by rocking a unique, oversized black and white coat. But, in a bold move, she later shed the coat to show off her daring all-black ensemble.

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