“Miley Cyrus Shines in Stunner Outfits at a New Year’s Bash”

Known for her standout stage attire, Miley Cyrus impressed the crowd with three bold outfits during her show at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Among her memorable looks was a patriotic ensemble, complete with stars and stripes on a chic jeans and jacket combo.

The looks: Miley Cyrus stunned in three skin-baring costumes when she hit the stage at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday

Another leather look saw Miley get biker chic in a leather bra and pants combination

Miley Cyrus caused a stir with her three bold wardrobe choices while performing at Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve event. The singer showed off her toned abs in a trendy leather crop top, and embraced a biker chic look with a matching leather bra and pants. With her shaggy mullet haircut and bold smokey eye makeup, Miley confidently showcased her edgy sense of style during her performance.

Oh say can you see (those abs): One look saw the 28-year-old singer get patriotic in a stars and stripes adorned jeans and jacket combo

“Did you notice those rock-hard abs?” The 28-year-old musician flaunted his love for the country in a fashionable outfit with stars and stripes adorning his jeans and jacket.

Back to black: Cyrus' third ensemble featured an ostrich feather mini-dress with a deep, plunging neckline

Switching back to the classic color black, Cyrus wowed the crowd in her third ensemble, featuring a fabulous mini-dress embellished with ostrich feathers and a plunging neckline.
Her newest outfit consisted of a striking mini-dress decorated with ostrich feathers and a bold plunging neckline.
Adding to her look were eye-catching statement necklaces, with a standout crucifix stealing the spotlight.
Flaunting her toned and lengthy legs in the mini-dress, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter exuded confidence as she confidently walked across the stage.

Legs for daze: It also made the most of the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus' long, toned legs as she strutted across the stage

The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus strutted across the stage, flaunting her perfectly sculpted and slender legs.

Good hair day: Her shaggy mullet and heavy smokey eye makeup rounded out the look

Experiencing a fabulous hair day: With her messy mullet haircut and bold smokey eye makeup, she nailed her entire appearance.
Prior to her big show, Cyrus rocked a fearless leather outfit while rehearsing earlier in the day.
This upcoming event will have a family twist as Miley’s sister Noah Cyrus is set to grace the stage with her own show at the yearly event.
In two recent Instagram snaps, Miley flaunted a gorgeous lace-up leather outfit that left her fans stunned.

Wow-factor: Miley Cyrus slipped into a revealing leather ensemble for a sound check ahead of her big performance at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday

Miley Cyrus looked stunning in a bold leather ensemble while preparing for her New Year’s Eve performance on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. The singer, aged 28, shared behind-the-scenes photos captioned with ‘SOUND CHECK REALNESS.’ Showing off her fit figure, she rocked tight bondage pants and a black leather crop top during sound check. Prior to her performance, she gave fans a glimpse of her stage outfit during dress rehearsals, delighting her 119 million Instagram followers.

Looking good! In the snaps, the Wrecking Ball singer is on stage showcasing her incredibly fit frame in skin tight bondage inspired pants and a matching black leather croptop

Her presence was truly captivating! In the photos, the singer was rocking the stage, showing off her fabulous shape in tight bondage-style pants and a matching black leather crop top. Cyrus sported a trendy and daring ensemble, complete with lace-up accents running from ankle to hip, highlighting her fit figure. She accessorized like a true rockstar, donning long black leather gloves and stacking on bracelets and necklaces for added style. Her signature blonde mullet took the spotlight, complemented by striking makeup featuring shimmering silver eyeshadow.

Happy New Year! The event will be a family affair this year as Miley's sister Noah Cyrus will be joining the annual extravaganza with a performance of her own

Happy New Year! This year’s event for all ages will include a special show by Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sister. Hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will be Ryan Seacrest, Lucy Hale, Billy Porter, and Ciara.
Alongside Miley, there will be a variety of talented performers like Julia Michaels, Lewis Capaldi, Saweetie, Nelly, and more. The highlight of the evening will be a dazzling performance by Jennifer Lopez right before we ring in 2021.
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will proceed without a live audience at both the New York and Los Angeles locations.

Goodbye 2020: Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve will be hosted this year by Ryan Seacrest, Lucy Hale, Billy Porter and Ciara

This year, we bid adieu to 2020 with Ryan Seacrest, Lucy Hale, Billy Porter, and Ciara taking charge as hosts for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Due to safety concerns, the NYPD has decided to block off Times Square on December 31st to prevent large crowds from gathering. Typically, millions flock to midtown Manhattan for the New Year’s Eve celebration, with billions more tuning in on TV. However, this year, the event will be downsized and shifted to a virtual format, with an app available for remote viewers to join in on the countdown. While shows like New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will still go on, the streets will be eerily quiet, with only crew members and hosts in sight.

Hello 2021: Unfortunately, Mileyb and the rest of the performers will be on stage in front of an empty house, as audience members won't be allowed at the New York and Los Angeles venues due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Hello 2021! Unfortunately, Mileyb and other artists will be performing to an empty venue, as spectators are not allowed at the New York and Los Angeles sites due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

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