Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Summer Body at a Luxury Hotel Pool with a $3,000 Price Tag

Even with a sizable bank account, a stay at the lavish Amangiri resort in Utah offers a truly luxurious experience. Miley Cyrus recently indulged in the opulence of this high-end getaway, posting various photos from her visit to the upscale resort where the starting room rate exceeds $3,000 per night. Taking a leisurely stroll around the breathtaking pool area, she showed off her toned physique in a bikini as her sister Brandi expertly captured the moments on camera.

Rock star: Miley Cyrus shows off her bikini body as she strips down to pose in the pool of her $3k luxury hotel in Utah on Thursday

Miley Cyrus recently showed off her incredible physique while enjoying a swim in the pool of her lavish $3,000 per night hotel in Utah. Donning a stylish outfit consisting of black bikini bottoms and a white crop top, Miley completed her look with a chic bun hairstyle.

Accompanying one of the snapshots was a playful caption featuring a memorable quote from the classic 1976 movie “Carwash,” humorously asserting, “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be, & more of a woman than you’ll ever get!” Crediting singer Sam Smith for the inspiring words, Miley may have been hinting at her love life complexities.

Miley’s poolside photoshoot radiated confidence and a laid-back attitude, highlighting her distinct fashion sense and vibrant personality. Props to Sam Smith for the inspiration!

Living it up: Quoting from the 1976 Richard Pryor movie Carwash, she captioned one image: 'I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, & more of a woman than you'll ever get!'

Living life to the max: Quoting a famous line from the iconic movie Carwash, she included in her message the phrase: ‘I embrace traits of both manliness and womanliness that are beyond your imagination!’

Live goals: Another shot, showing her dancing across a stone footpath over the pool, was captioned: 'Goodbyes are never easy... but g2g (got to go)'

In a different image, she is seen dancing gracefully on a stone pathway above a pool, with the wording stating, ‘Saying goodbye is never easy… but it’s time to move forward’. In another moment, Miley was caught dancing along a stone path above the pool. The caption: “Bidding adieu is always difficult… but it’s time to go.” Brandi echoed a similar feeling, writing “not prepared to leave” and posting pictures of Miley taking photos of their mother Tish. The trio of Cyrus family members had a delightful time bonding during their stay at the resort, relishing the chance to reconnect with one another.

Family time: Brandi shared a picture of Miley, as she photographed their bikini-clad mom Tish, captioning the shot BTS (behind the scenes)

Enjoying some family time together, Brandi shared a candid moment on social media where Miley was playfully taking a picture of their mom Tish in her bikini, labeling it as a “behind the scenes” snapshot. Despite the fun and relaxed atmosphere, Miley, at 26, also faced the usual challenges of traveling with her parents. In a humorous post, Miley shared a picture of herself glued to her phone indoors with her back to a stunning sunset, jokingly revealing her mom’s disapproval of her behavior. Even though her mom playfully called her a ‘bratty millennial’, Miley took the teasing in good spirits, acknowledging that she does have some traits of her generation. She even questioned whether it was alright to still want to share the picture despite her mom’s comments.

And why not? Brandi is enjoying the perks of being Miley's big sister

Definitely! Brandi is really capitalizing on being Miley’s big sister and embracing all the perks that come with it.

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

Spectacular luxury: The photos shared by the 32-year-old show the opulent setting in all its glory.

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