“Miley Cyrus Shows Off Toned Abs in Chic Crop Top and Leggings while Hanging Out in LA”

Known for maintaining a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen since embracing sobriety nearly a year ago, Miley Cyrus was spotted at a grocery store in Calabasas, California with a friend. The 27-year-old singer showed off her sculpted abs in a crop top and leggings as she casually walked through the Erewhon parking lot.

Out and about: Miley Cyrus picked up a few of her favorites on a grocery store run with a friend in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday afternoon

Exploring the town: Miley Cyrus was spotted at a nearby supermarket in Calabasas, California accompanied by a friend on a bright Monday. The pop star showed off her fit body in a Nike t-shirt and trendy stone-washed leggings. Being cautious during the ongoing pandemic, she wore a black face mask. Her iconic bleached blonde hair peeked out from under a fashionable Fiorucci vinyl bucket hat, paired with black sneakers to finish off her outfit.

Looking good: The 27-year-old rockstar showed a bit of her toned tummy in a crop top and matching leggings set as she made her way through the parking lot of Erewhon

Looking absolutely stunning: The 27-year-old music star showed off a peek of her toned midriff in a stylish crop top and leggings combo while casually walking through the Erewhon parking lot. Miley had previously shared in an interview with Variety that she had decided to become sober after a vocal surgery she had in November.

During the lockdown, Miley took advantage of the downtime to reflect on her life and find inspiration for her new music. Following her breakup with Liam Hemsworth earlier in the year, Cyrus talked about how the lockdown gave her the opportunity to reflect and create music that delves into deeper, introspective themes rather than just focusing on the present moment.

She must work out: Miley looked supremely fit in a Nike shirt and highlighted her figure with stone-washed leggings to match

Miley looked super fit in a Nike top and stylish stone-washed leggings that highlighted her figure. She opened up about her split from Liam, likening it to a grievous loss similar to death. Still coming to terms with the end of their marriage in 2018, she shared how the emotional weight of their ten-year relationship ending has been heavy. She expressed that the pain of losing a profound love feels like mourning a passing, admitting that dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak can be even harder than coping with a physical loss because the person who hurt you is still out there.

Thoughtful: The lockdown gave Miley the chance to reflect on her life and to write new material based on her recent experiences; seen on Instagram

While in lockdown, Miley used the time to reflect on her life and find creative motivation from her recent experiences. This can be seen through her Instagram posts where she shares sneak peeks of the new projects she has been developing.

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