“Unprecedented Style: Miley Cyrus Rocks the Stage in Sparkling Harem Pants”

In the previous year, she made a comeback in the music industry with her popular song We Can’t Stop. However, last Wednesday, Miley Cyrus showcased her unique style reminiscent of the iconic MC Hammer as she made her way to a meet and greet at a youth center. In Los Angeles, the 22-year-old singer was seen wearing striking black and silver sequined harem pants, giving off a U Can’t Touch This vibe. Watch the video below.

Can't Touch This! Miley Cyrus showed off her eccentric style  in sequinned harem pants on Wednesday in LA

Hands off! Miley Cyrus flaunted her unique fashion sense by rocking sparkling harem pants in Los Angeles. The cuffed ankles of her pants added a touch of glamour to her casual look. Pairing the statement trousers with a white distressed t-shirt, black Chuck Taylor sneakers, and her signature cropped blonde hair, the Bangerz singer also sported bold red lipstick, layered bracelets, a gold necklace, and a stylish charcoal Chanel backpack while carrying a large glass bottle.

In good company: The 22-year-old chart topping singer was joined by a few friends and a member of security as she headed to a meet and greet at a youth centre

Keeping good company: The 22-year-old singer, who has been dominating the music charts, was accompanied by some close friends and a security guard as she made her way to a meet and greet event at a youth center.

Stand out appearance: Cyrus teamed her pants with a distressed white T-shirt and Chuck Taylor sneakers

Making a fashion statement, Cyrus paired her pants with a vintage white T-shirt and classic Chuck Taylor sneakers. As she prepared to go out, Miley seemed surprised by the significant transformation she has undergone in just a short period of time.

Transitioning from her Disney days to become one of the most daring artists in the music industry, Cyrus reflected on her evolution on social media. Posting a comparison photo of herself as the young Hannah Montana in 2011 next to her current self, the singer playfully questioned, “Who is that? What happened?”

Oh Miley! Top pulled down low to expose her breasts, Cyrus tweeted on Wednesday: 'Do yiew tink if I push muah titties up I'll get mo followahhhzzzz? #shouldigrowmyhairout?'

Oh Miley, always one to push boundaries! She posted a cheeky tweet on Wednesday, wondering if boosting her cleavage would attract more followers. Adding a selfie to emphasize her point, she keeps her signature risqué style intact. This kind of attention-grabbing behavior is nothing new for Miley!

'Who the? What the?' Miley tweeted this snap of herself as a teen star, left, and how she looks now

Miley Cyrus shared a photo of her younger self as a teen celebrity next to a recent picture, expressing surprise at the transformation.

At just 22 years old, it appears that she is positioning herself as a contemporary Madonna, especially when it comes to baring it all. Emulating the rebellious spirit of the 80s legend, Miley doesn’t hesitate to undress at any opportunity. Despite rising to fame as the beloved Hannah Montana on Disney, a favorite among preteens, Miley’s recent transformation has sparked criticism from various groups, including the concerned parents of her younger fanbase.

As she was: The images posted by Miley included a shot of her back in 2011, when she looked very different

Just like that: The photos shared by Miley featured a throwback of her from 2011, showing a completely different version of herself.

And today: The former child star poses for V magazine in a series of Polaroids published in their latest issue

Today, the ex-child actress is featured in a photoshoot for V magazine, showcasing a series of Polaroid pictures in their newest release. Despite her past, Miley Cyrus remains unfazed by the criticism. In fact, she has continuously pushed boundaries and shed her wholesome image, whether it’s swinging naked on a wrecking ball or provocatively dancing with teddy bears on stage. Most recently, Miley has left fans stunned with her boldest photo shoot to date for V Magazine.

Out and about: Miley kept quite covered up as she made an appearance in West Hollywood this week

Out and about: Miley maintained a more modest look during her visit to West Hollywood recently. Behind-the-scenes shots from her Bangerz tour, taken by her friend Cheyne Thomas, show her in various bold poses and unapologetic nudity.
Despite these candid images, her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger remains unfazed. The couple was spotted having a lovely time on a romantic getaway in Hawaii, suggesting that their relationship is thriving.

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